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Vackra geometriska smycken

För ett tag sedan såg jag på Pinterest ett fantastiskt halsband i silver med skulpturala geometriska former och blev helt betagen. Det visade sig att formgivaren heter Ute Decker och tillverkar smycken av silver och återvunna metaller och i sådana vackra geometriska former.

Jag klär mig oftast i svart och det kan ju ibland kännas lite tråkigt och då behövs det fantastiska smycken som lyfter outfiten lite extra. Det gör verkligen Ute Deckers smycken och de lyfts upp av den svarta bakgrunden och ger den lilla svarta ett ordentligt originellt lyft.

A while ago I saw on Pinterest this totally amazing necklace in silver with sculptural geometric shapes and I was completely won over. It turned out that the designer was Ute Decker and her jewellery is all so powerful and cool. She makes her jewellery from silver or gold and all in these wonderful geometric shapes. 

I often dress in black and that can sometimes be a bit boring and it might need some fantastic jewellery to lift the outfit. Ute Decker’s jewellery really does that and they are just stunning against the black fabric. 

Curl I by Ute Decker, a beautiful hand sculpture in 18 ct Fairtrade Gold and is made in a limited edition of 12. It has a sand texture, matt, burnished edges and I love the finish. Photography Ute Decker.


This is the neck sculpture that first caught my attention and it is striking in its thin threads and big, bold shapes. Articulation by Ute Decker, 18 ct recycled gold but is also available in sterling silver, silver with gold elements or platinum. All these four images are of the same neck piece, which can be arranged in a multitude of different configurations. Photography Ute Decker.

Origami II minimalist arm piece by Ute Decker in recycled silver. It has a beautiful sandy finish and the shape is both timeless and futuristic at the same time. Photography Ute Decker



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