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5 vackra skåp

A2 Collect 2011. A wonderful cubistic pattern on the door and this is probably my favorite cabinet in the Collect collection. Available at Design Online
Jag är svag för vackra skåp och de här skulle gärna få plats i vårt hem. Skåpen har en liknande utformning; alla är gjord i trä med skåpet stående på en benställning och med snygg grafisk mönstring på dörrarna.

I have a soft spot for beautiful cabinets and these I would have loved to have in our home. The cabinets have similar shapes, are made of wood, are on legs and have beautiful graphic patterns on the doors. 

A2 Collect 2012. It feels very genuine and cool with the leather pads on the fronts of the doors. Available at Design Online

A2 Collect 2013. It is nice with the stripes, it gives the cabinet a classic and clean impression. Available at Design Online

A2 Collect 2014, a nice pattern once again and very abstract. Available at Design Online

Asplund Kilt K80 Skåp designed by Claesson, Koivisto and Rune. It is so nice with the pattern of lines against the robust wood. Buy it on Ohlsson & Gerthel

Asplund Kilt Light designed by Claesson, Koivisto and Rune. I love the dusk blue color and the very thin legs, as they make it feel very light. Available at Ohlsson & Gerthel


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